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Hyper Realistic Art

When I used to paint I used acrylic paint and brush or water color and pencils. I use photos as reference and like to be as realistic as possible and sometimes exaggerate details.

On Moderskeppets blogg I just red about Bert Monroy who take it to the extreme using Photoshop and Illustrator to make Hyper Realistic Art. Bert also share his knowledge on Revision

His latest project is a “painting” of Times Square, NYC.

Color Scheme Designer

Wednesdays I attend a class, Interface design and Digital Estetics, where I learn about different aspects on web design. Thought it was about time to get a proper education in this area 😉

At one of this classes we were introduced to Color Scheme Designer. It’s a cool and useful tool that helps you find a matching color scheme for your web site. Very easy to use and lots of adjustments, try it…

Color Scheme Designer

The reason we take the class:

Playing with Photoshop

Photoshop is my favourite software. Some play computer games, I play Photoshop. The “dark” side is that once started playing I can use hours trying different things. And soon Photoshop CS5 is released with some really cool features. Just wish I had unlimited time…

Today I gone through some of the Quick tips on “Moderskeppets” website, learning new stuff trying some of them, thanks Moderskeppet for sharing.

On this photo I’ve been trying Gradient Map, Lens Vignette and other adjustment layers.
This is Nicolai…