The FNS experience

During the summer, every 2nd Friday, a special event has been arranged in Copenhagen city – Friday Night Skate. I had the pleasure to attended the last 3 occasions, after I found out about it and had the opportunity to attend.

The Copenhagen version of Friday Night Skate started in 1999 with inspiration from similar events in other cities around the world. You find a collection of links to other cities on It’s a social event and not a competition. You skate together with 300-700 fellow skaters. There are in liners, roller skates and even skateboards. Some have brought the baby jogger incl. baby. Some babies/kids have even safety belt and helmet on but not all. I didn’t hear about any accidents either so that’s lucky. But a MC police hit the road with his bike on the last trip. Nothing serious happened…

The procedure is that you normally meet up at the same place and same time every time, skate around 20 km on the streets of Copenhagen, escorted by MC police and with help from blockers that are volunteers that block the side streets so we can pass safely. It’s a special feeling to skate on the streets, passing red lights and with police escort – and it’s free.

Thanks to all those people that spend time to arrange these kind of events! I’m looking forward to spend more Friday nights skating around Copenhagen next year…

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