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Exam exercise no. 1

Exam exercise no. 1 in the course Photography – visual communication, was to take a photo from a working place or from the home. I chose to take a photo of our kitchen (actually quite a few but I should only send one) . Together with the photo I should attach a description with  about 500 words explaining the choices I made regarding Motif, Message, Content and Form. Things like why I used portrait format instead  of landscape, the meaning of diagonal lines, lightning, composition rules like “repetition and order” etc….

Got the result today and I passed 🙂

Teachers rating: “The picture is smooth and stylish, you use many photographic grip in your photography, good! Your documentation is excellent with feedbacks to the course literature and lessons.”


Window vs. Mirror

On the course I am attending, Photography – visual communication, we learned a concept called window and mirror.

The exercise was to take a window and a mirror version of the same motif :

Window:  observation and no participation. A bridge, a boat and a sea – that’s it…

Uppgift: Illustrera begreppet "windows"

Mirror: more involvement and participation. Added some  composition elements that lead your eye to two men that talk about??? is it the weather, boat or how long and high is the bridge???…

Uppgift: Illustrera begreppet "mirror"