Two months with LCHF and Belly fat project

LCHF diet:
During the first two months I have managed to stay away from pasta and rice. Regarding potatoes, I have sinned two times and little bit pommes (with a MAX burger – schhh don’t tell any one). Friday mornings, 2-3 slices white bread due to the common dept. breakfast meeting. Apart from that, only low carb bread

I’ve been drinking beer ONLY at a couple of occasions (for me, that’s an achievement :-P). Friday and/or Saturday it’s been some red wine…  Apart from these major cheats, there have been some minor. Even so, I’ve been relatively good, if I may say so. 

Supplement of Vitamin D and Omega 3:

Been running at least twice a week and fitness once a week (Work out  program). This is increasing with roller skates when the season starts.

The first couple of weeks I was tired, especially when driving to and from work – not so good… That has passed. 
The afternoon fatigue (sugar hunger) I sometimes experienced before this diet is decreased and often not present.

When running, I noticed some lack of energy compared with before. Could also be bad shape in general 🙄 

Overall, it’s feels ok.

The thing that puzzle me the most though, is that the scale doesn’t move at all. I lost 1 kg in the beginning and now it’s stuck at the same spot. It’s not the main thing but I find it strange after reading quite a few articles and blogs about the LCHF diet how fast and much some people loose weight (and others don’t).

If you experienced that there is no weight loss, here are some reasons why. You are welcome to let me know if you have other suggestions:

  • You have tried “Starvation diets / yo-yo diets”
  • You are too stressed – not enough sleep
  • You eat or drink things that prevent weight loss
  • You don’t eat enough
  • You don’t eat enough fat or protein
  • You eat too much dairy products
  • You eat too much nuts, fruit or veggies with much carb
  • You build muscles
  • You have only a little overweight

Read more at: Kolhydrater i focus (article in Swedish))
and more about training, weight loss and LCHF (also in Swedish)


a “not so strict” smoothie:
Strawberries, yoghurt, ginger and almonds. 


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