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Katrinetorp Landeri, Malmö

Living in Malmö for about 7 years I never visited Katrinetorp Landeri, located only 10 min. from Malmö city. I’ve passed it several times wondering what it actually was. 

Together with Mickey and my sister, Ann-Marie, we payed it a visit one sunny Sunday in August. The mansion is from early 1800 and the beautiful park/garden behind it is divided into different areas. Well worth a visit…


Sweden 12H Roller

Augusti 17 I was team leader in one of Malmö City Skaters’ two teams that participated in Sweden 12H Roller at Falkenberg’s motor race track. It’s a rollerskate/inline relay race with 6 members in each team. The start is at 8:00 and finish at 20:00. Each team member roll one lap, approx. 1,8 km. The team with most laps wins.  One of Malmö City Skaters teams came third (the one I wasn’t team leader for ;-), congrats, well done.

It rained for the first 2 hours and then the sun came and dried the track. A fantastic day with great team spirit. It was really fun to be in the same race as the “pros” instead of being a spectator.

The race track
Falkenbergs motorbana