Monthly Archives: October 2019

QTR – Check up

The 30 August I had a check up for a “disability certificate”, to the insurance company.  

Made a visit to Malmö Hospital where the ortoped examined the knee, measured ROM – range of motion and muscle loss.
Range of motion (normal 0/140): Right: 0/120 | Left: 0/140
Thigh: (circumference 10 cm over the knee cap): Right: 42,5 cm | Left: 46 cm
Knee cap: Right: 41 cm | Left: 39 cm

Conclusion: It looks good, little less power and ROM in the knee and leg but keep on with the rehab…

Berlin Inline Marathon 2019

Thursday: Transport – check in at hostel – drink at the local bar, same procedure as every year 😉

Friday: Rain!! Expo – Craft beer and board game at The Muted Horn. Dinner at Block House.

Saturday: This year we tried the concept, Gladpack. All the participants in the pack should start and finish with the same time. We didn’t decide what time. We should start and finish all at a line next to each other (spontaneously, we did the same trick at the ½ marathon) . Everybody was rolling together as one group, helping each other – “GAP!!! – CONTACT!!!. We ended up being 9 participants and we all started in group “F”. 
While waiting for the start, it started to pour down!!! The start was postponed 10 minutes. 
The streets was VERY slippery. We managed to finish as planned and even picked up some other MCS members on the way. Personally, I enjoyed the race, even if the weather conditions was bad and I had promised myself never roll to this race when wet roads! It was a great Gladpack that did very well and thanks to everybody to make it great!

Saturday dinner at Glashaus. After skate party at Kosmos.

Sunday: Very nice lunch at Knofi