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QTR Rehab

It’s been 18 weeks since I had the surgery for Quadriceps Tendon Rupture. 

27 March i started rehab training at Virum Physiotherapy, Kasper.
Mads, phys. at work, still helps me with stretching and ROM (Range of Motion). 

The program is to do a selection of the exercises below for 45 – 60 min. every second day and ROM every day.

Squats: 3 x 15
Alternative 1: Using elastic band around the knees
Alternative 2: Using weights

Lunges: 3 x 20 (10 on each leg) 
Alternative 1: Using weights
Alternative 2 : Using a Bosu

One leg balance on BOSU: 

Side lying clams: 3 x 15 on each side

Sideway steps: 3 x 20 steps

TRX Lean back squat: 3 x 15

Side leg raises: 3 x 15 on each leg

Straight leg raises: 3 x 15 on each leg

Prone straight leg raises: 3 x 15 on each leg

Hip lift: 3 x 15 on each leg. 
Alternative 1: Press the foot on the floor against the wall. Hold position 10-15 sek. Rest the same time.
Alternativ 2: Place the foot on the floor on a ball.
Alternative 3: Use a fitness ball 

Wall squats: 3 x 45 sec. increase time if possible 

Press ball against wall: Put the heel against the wall. Place a soft ball or a small pillow in the hollow of the knee, press 3-5 sec. relax. 3 x 15 on each leg

Lunges with soft ball: Press the ball against the wall when doing the  lunges.3 x 15 on each leg

Bike: Warm up 5 min.

Leg extension: Use one leg at a time. 3 x 15 on each leg

Leg press: 3 x 15




Belly-fat project 2013 – evaluation

This week a year ago I did some research on belly-fat and metabolic syndrome. The abbreviation LCHF turned up more and more often in the articles and I started to do research on that too. The Belly-Fat project 2013 was born, with LCHF-diet, Exercise and Vitamin D as ingredients. What has happened during the year:

I have been on a liberal Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet where I kept  the amount of carbs in the ingredients under 5 %. Eating a absolute minimum of pre-processed food, pasta, rice, potatoes, cakes, pizza, hamburger etc. I admit I have cheated a few times. I have posted photos and comments on Facebook to share the journey, inspiration for some, nuisance for others,  and to show that it is possible to make food quite easy and tasty without starch, carbs and sugar.

I like to thank the chefs at our canteen for adjusting the servings and remove the carbs for me.

Followed, among other blogs and articles, regarding low carb food and have changed my view on what healthy food is. Here are some learnings:

Shrimp sallad

During the winter and spring I trained for the Göteborgsvarv (½ marathon) that took place 17 May. According the organizers, it was the hardest Göteborgsvarv ever with very warm and humid weather that included rain, thunder and lightning and hail. I completed with a time “a bit” from my goal (2 hours) and landed on 2.20. I am going for another attempt 2014…

2013 has been a year with lots of rollerskating, both on my “old school” side-by-side or the new name I learned, quads, and on the inlines I “had to” buy. Being a part of  Malmö City Skaters and like to join the different tours and to keep pace with the others, I got myself a pair of inlines in the end of May.

I was appointed tour leader for the Malmö City Skaters’ “Sunday stroll”, approx. 20 km trip in moderate speed along the bike paths in and around Malmö. I also joined as many Thursday tours as possible. These were a bit faster and sometimes also longer, often with Olle as tour leader –  many nice trips on good AQ, thanks for that (learned that there is an AQ-rating – Asphalt Quality…).

The club chairman, Gisle, started some lessons with technique practice. BIG success and it turned out to be a permanent Tuesday evening event on the Ribersborg  boardwalk, with guest instructors like Lasse and Madde. You guys thought me how to skate inlines in a correct way, VERY thankful for that.
We have continued the Tuesday training indoors, which is perfect for practicing turns, stop and to control the skates on small spaces.

Other rollerskating events during 2013:

  • Ørestadsstafetten – 25 May. A team of 3 do as many laps as possible in 90 min. Gisle, Peter and I was competing for Malmö City Skaters. I was the only one on side-by-side (this was when I decided to buy a pair of inlines).
  • Sweden 12H Roller – 17 August. 12 hours of interval rollerskating. Teams with 6 members that takes turns rolling the 1,8 km race track in Falkenberg. Fantastic team spirit and atmosphere where the “pros” and “amateurs” participate in the same competition.
  • Copenhagen Inline Challenge – 1 September. My first marathon on inlines. 6 laps on a 7 km track on the roads around Ørestaden, Copenhagen. Started to rain 30 sec. after start and kept on until last lap…time 2:10
  • Berlin Inline Marathon – 28 September. An absolutely magic and fantastic experience. 6.500 rollerskaters, several 100.000 spectators cheering and making lots of noise along the streets of Berlin, music at the start and the end… time 2:03
  • Night Skate Malmö – approx 6 Friday evenings this summer we roll along the streets of Malmö with police escort. Among the many highlights I like to mention when the police men joined us on inlines and when they played music from the patrol car, incl. “Breaking the law“. Thanks to the Malmö police force for helping out with this event.
  • Friday Night Skate – Every second Friday during the summer 600-1.500 rollerskaters join for taking over some of the streets of Copenhagen.

Malmö City Skaters at Sweden 12H roller Copenhagen Inline Challenge Berlin Inline marathon
Peter, me, EmmaLi at ESC skate Blocker at Night Skate Malmö together with Sandi Malmö City Skaters activities 2013

Vitamin D
We get vitamin D from when the sun hits the skin and very little from food. More and more research shows that lack of vitamin D can play a major part in different infectious diseases, winter/ spring depression, cancer, heart disease, autism, general pain, obesity etc… Read more on this quick lesson about vitamin D (in Swedish).

I am eating this:

As result of the Belly-fat project, I have lost approx. 13 kg, and most important, approx. 10 cm waist line. The “side effects” has been more energy, no sugar craving/chock (especially in the afternoon that I suffered from before), less inflammations like cold, allergy and skin issues, no stomach problems etc. I am going continue this journey…

Berlin Inline Marathon 2013

Around lunch Thursday 26 September four people from Malmö City Skaters, Johanna, Oskar, Peter and me, left Malmö for Berlin. After approx 7 hours drive by Peter and including a pic-nic in the German country side we arrived to the home for the weekend, Youth hostel Aletto. After checking in we looked for a place to eat this late hour. Found a nice Tibet restaurant in the neighborhood. First time for Tibetian food, very nice.

The plan was to do some sightseeing in Berlin Friday. We ended up spending approx 4 hours at the Sport and Health fair at Tempelhof Airport. Picked up the start number, looking at and buying some merchandise etc.

The limited sightseeing in the afternoon included Panoramapunkt at Potzdammer platz with a beautiful sunset with 360 degrees view over the city. Walked to Brandenburger Tor to see the finish area for the marathon. Meet up with Joachim and Jonas for dinner at a small and nice Italian restaurant close by. Had a very nice spaghetti with chantarelle and cream sauce, not much LCHF about that… 😉

Saturday morning we did a “photo walk” around the hood. Back at the hostel we got ready for the Berlin Inline Marathon, that started 15:30. U-bahn to Französiche strasse, brisk walk to Brandenburger Tor where we meet with the rest of the Malmö City Skaters.

Approx. 6.300 participants on small wheels joined this event, the biggest inline race in the world and for the 17th time. After the mandatory and traditional Malmö City Skaters group photo we headed for the starting point. Fantastic atmosphere already, loud music and speaker pep talk.  Felt a bit nervous but after start it disappeared and got goose bumps when rolling pass all the spectators that were cheering and making lots of noise. 

During the 42 km we passed several sights and lots of people along the streets cheering. Remember especially when coming around a turn and this wide boulevard opened up, only with  roller skaters, not a car or other traffic in sight. 

Had good company by Jesper behind me during the first 30+ km. Found different “packs” to follow but feel I need to practice that discipline some more to next year.

Got really tired and ache in the lower back after 32 km. Must have been the part of bad asphalt and little uphill 😉

Reaching “Unter den Linden” with Brandenburger Tor at the end was a great feeling and also the last part before the finish line. Tribunes on both side packed with people with bells and a selection of other equipment that could make noise. On top of this loud music and a speaker working hard to boost the “stimmung” to a maximum. My goal was 2:00-2:10 and the time showed 2:02 that I am very pleased with. I like to roll as fast as possible but I also like to get most of the atmosphere and sights as possible. Bart Swings of Belgium set new record – 59:28! Guess he didn’t have time for any sightseeing 😉

Since we were a bit late for the common Rolling Vikings dinner, the Malmö crew decided to meet at Steakhouse Asador, Wilhelmstrasse 22. Recomended by Jonas and turned out to be a very nice place with great food. The company was great too :-D.

The 40th. Berlin Marathon started at 8:45 Sunday. After breakfast and checking out we went to Brandenburger Tor area to see some of the action. Approx. 40.000 runners joined and 35.500 finished. Wilson Kipsang also set new WR with nearly the same time as me, 2:03!

Since Peter had injured himself during the inline race I drove back to Malmö. Thought I should get tired but Peter’s Audi A3 was nice to drive and it turned out not being a problem at all, was a bit surprised. Left Berlin around 16.00 and returned to Malmö around 24:00.

Hope to repeat this event next year, think it’s the same date, 28 September. Registration is here and open 4 November.


Thanks to the Malmö City Skaters crew and well done everybody:
Johanna, Karolina, Peter, Oskar, Björn, Jesper, Joachim and Jonas


Tempelhof Airport Fair
Malmö City Skaters
Start at Berlin inline marathon 2013
Finished at 2.02
40 Berlin marathon


Camp Gothia 2011

In 2010 I ran a half marathon over the Öresund bridge and this year I wanted to try a city run.

My commuting friend, Christian, recommended Göteborgsvarvet. It’s the biggest event in the world of this kind. About 60.000 registered runners ending up being around 50.000 that actually take the tour around Göteborg.

Since January I used a program from together with our neighbour, Cathrine. We started with 2 training 2 times/week and when the weather became warmer and better, we trained 3 times/week. The goal was to finish on 2 hours.

We took the train to Göteborg in the morning the 21 May. It seemed like a surprise for the train crew why there were so many people on the train with jogging dress. Fortunately Cathrine had reserved seats. After arriving at the stadium, we had to kill a few hours since we were in the last group starting at 16:00. The weather was nice and there were several big screens and entertainment to keep us occupied.

It was great to run through the different kind of scenery, parks, bicycle roads, bridges, harbour side, The Avenue etc. Lot’s of people cheering and lot’s of bands playing, even if we were the last group. Imagine it’s even more party earlier on. Passed the finish line on 2.05.11, which I am very happy with.

There were large shower facilities, one for men and one for woman, wide apart from each other. It was little bit challenging and with a bit too narrow comfort zone taking a shower at a place like this…

Another challenge was to manage to reach the train home in time. The last train left Göteborg to Malmö at 19.42 and we had to run the last part – how fun was that with 21,1 km + in the legs already? The public transport between Göteborg and Malmö could be improved on a day like this.

I like to thank my coaches Mogens, Christian, Bo (also for letting me borrow his Garmin :-), Andreas and of course the “co pilot”, Cathrine, for helping me full fill this goal.

Göteborgsvarvet 2012 is May 12 and I have registered. Maybe see you then 🙂

Göteborgsvarvet on Facebook
A Göteborgsvarvet video – on Facebook
Take the tour  – from 2010 with comment in swedish
Article in Swedish how to prepare the last week
Dogme video filmed by our running coach @ work, Mogens and edited by his son Lars that made it on 1.09

Activity level

No, I have not completely stopped training. After a spring with a rather high activity level for me with training for and completing the Brolopp in June and lot’s of roller skating with Friday Night Skate during the summer, some of my joints (not the smoking type) have been a little bit congested. One of my coaches suggested to take a break with the jogging and do some fitness training. The plan is to do this program, that I got from a instructor at Novo Nordisk, 2 times a week.

Download as PDF. You are welcome to use it if you like.

Since floorball is such great fun, I continue to play that, even if it probably would be better not to 😉

In January I start a running program again to prepare for Göteborgsvarvet May 21.

Camp Bridge 2010

The 11 of January I started my training for the ½ marathon over the Öresund bridge. It started with  an “agreement” with our neighbor over a glass of wine some time  in the autumn 2009. During the long winter I have followed a program i got from, some Swedish guys that used to give advice on how to train.

During the training period I suffered from aching ankles and one of my coaches meant it could be a combination with “little” bit overweight and running on ice, snow and other difficult “street texture”. The feet and ankles have to compensate for the “insecure” foundation with some micro movements. Instead of  running I did some cycling and rollerskating instead.

The training was much about time and intensity. To find out the intensity for 80% intensity: 0,80 x (max pulse – rest pulse) + rest pulse.

The training started with 45 minutes jog with 70% intensity (for me at the time: 0.7 x (195-80) + 80 = 160 bpm) for the first 3 weeks. Then 60 min. for 2 weeks.

Phase 2 was 80% intensity 2 times a week and 1 time rush training. During the process I was recommended to  try a competition week that included a ½ marathon, just to get the feeling of  how long 21 km really is.

The last 5 weeks I have been using a program from called “formtoppa” that I found more alternate (sorry, but can’t find the link to “formtoppa” anymore).

22 weeks later, that means Saturday June 12, the big day arrived and we, x colleague Søren, neighbor Catrine and Håkan and I took the bus to Kastrup, Denmark. It started to piss down and I got the feeling that if this continue it is not going to be fun. Just as fast the rain came, just as fast came the sun and everything was fine again.

The waiting time was a bit long at Kastrup Beach park and then we walked a few kilometers before the actual start line. The first experience was the planes just flying over us, “waving” with their wings, at least thats was we thought. Next we entered the tunnel and was VERY warm but the “sound waves” was great. On the bridge we had lots of sun, great view and lots of tail wind – a fantastic experience. After reaching land again, people had gathered to cheer and at some places along the way there was music. After 21,1 km I was VERY happy to see the finish line. Was feeling a bit dizzy after passing the line and it was very crowded to get to the water depoes , get a medal and something to eat. Then I had to find the luggage that had been put on a lorry in Denmark.

We finished of in style with a great (and late) after run dinner at Casa Swedanes. Thank to all the participants for making this a day to remember.

The “Brolöp” was unique in different ways. It is the only race that pass both under and over water and that start in one country and finish in another.

My time?  2 hours 11 minutes.

cool slide show from the finish line, made by Sydsvenskan.
Swedish blog that describe the day quite well, made by Linda Andersson.