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Sightseeing in Malmö

My colleagues Ryan and Scott from China, joined by Ryan’s wife, visited Malmö Sunday 14 October.  We did some serious sightseeing. This post  shows the sights and you can read some facts about them. You can use it for inspiration when visiting Malmö:

  1. Point Hyllie– a new developed site close to Malmö City and Kastrup Airport. It consists of four main buildings comprising approximately 45,000 square metres. They are allocated for housing, offices and shops. The tallest building is about 95 metres high.
  2. Malmö Arena– the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern multi-purpose concert and event venues. Malmö Arena is a premier venue in the Öresund Region for world-class sporting events, concerts, family shows, full-scale conferences and smaller meetings, wining and dining or a quick snack. It can seat a maximum of 15.000 guests. It measure 22.5 m. up to the inner ceiling.
  3. Hyllie water tower is white and has the form as mushroom (at the moment getting some make up due to the Euro vision song contest and coz its need it). The light on the tower changes on different occasions. At Christmas it’s red and when there isn’t a special event the light is blue. It’s 62 m tall and contains 10 200 cubic meter water. It was ready 1973. Architect was Kjessler & Mannerstråle through Karl Ivar Stål. A water park is being built close to the tower.
  4. Emporia is going to be the biggest shopping center in Scandinavia when it opens 25 October 2012. Total size of 93 000 m2for shopping, food, culture and pleasure in approx. 200 shops, restaurants and cafés on 3 stories and a unique roof park. The two main entrances are spectacular, one is amber theme the symbolise the logo type.  The other is water theme.
  5. The Glass House– “House of brands for good living”. A shop with exclusive scandinavian interior design.
  6. Ikea has built  a 44 000 square meter store at Svågertorp. It’s the second largest in the world and was inaugurated 20 October 2009.
  7. Limhamns Kalkbrott is approximately 1.300 meters long, 800 meters wide and 65 meters deep. The walk around the quarry is 4 km.
    The mining of the began in 1866 and lasted until 1994. The last explosion was in the late 1980’s. The explosives have shaped the quarry, so it consists of plateaus, called pallets, about 20 meters high and vertical walls. At every blasting, a ton of dynamite was used. There was a loud bang as many locals felt.
    The lime in Limhamns quarry has been formed in a warm sea of between 65-55 million years ago (during the early Tertiary). It consists mainly of deposits from microscopic cuisine liters (algae), bryozoans (moss animals) and corals. In some limestone layers there are plenty of shark teeth. A remnant from a relative of the great white shark, which for millions of years swimming around here along with other now extinct species. Fossils of two crocodiles have also been found in the quarry.
    There are over 1.400 different animals and plants in the limestone quarr. Several species are rare or special in some way. Most notable is the presence of the endangered green spotted toad and “Kalkkrassingen”.
  8. Öresund bridge was inaugurated on 1 July 2000. The link between Denmark and Sweden is 15.4 km long and consists of the world’s longest cable-stayed bridge for both rail and motor vehicle traffic, at nearly 8 km. The main span is suspended from four pylons that measure 204 m above the sea level. The best viewing point over the Öresund Bridge is from Lernacken at the Luftkastellet restaurant.
    The Øresund Bridge offers a 4-lane road carrying more than 60,000 travelers daily, 6 million vehicles per year, and two train tracks (another 8 million people each year) e carries . Building the Øresund bridge included construction of a bridge, a tunnel 4 km and a new island where travelers go from tunnel-level (on the Danish side) to the level of the bridge.
  9. Limhamns Småbåtshamn has room for around 1.000 boats and is the biggest of it’s kind in Malmö.
  10. Ön (The Island) is situated in Limhamn-Bunkeflo in the southwestern municipality of Malmö. Today there is a land connection between the island and Limhamn, so technically the island is today a peninsula. It used to a harbour for the ferry connection with Dragør in Denmark.
    While limestone mined for cement production in Limhamn’s Kalkbrott (Limestone quarry) the area was used for  dumping of waste products, and thereby laid the foundation for an artificial island.
    In the first half of the 1900’s, various industrial activities has been carried out here: Shipyard and aircraft production. Two of the office buildings and a factory building still stands today and house the school on the island, a convenience store and an aerobics (Friskis & Svettis).
    The island is divided into a northern and a southern part by Övägen. The northern part of the island began to plot in the early 1990’s, with apartment buildings and construction is still in progress. The southern part was settled in the late 1990’s.
  11. Västra Hamnen (Western Harbour) is Malmö’s new city district attracts people with its exciting architecture, lovely beach promenades and green spaces and a fabulous view over Öresund. An award-winning ecological housing area finished in 2001 for the major European housing expo Bo01 is found here. The buildings were designed by several internationally renowned architects including Gert Wingårdh, Ralph Erskine and Mario Campi.
    The neighbourhood is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Water is also a vital element of the environment, expressed in canals, ponds, small craft marinas and swimming beaches.
    The Western Harbour was once an industrial area where Kockum’s world-famous shipyard operated, now replaced by Malmö University and companies in the IT and telecommunications industries. The dance company Skånes Dansteater is based in one of the vaulted halls, Båghallarna, and an exciting, specially designed concrete skateboarding arena, Stapelbäddsparkenhas been constructed around one of the old ship ramps.
  12. Turning Torso. Architect Santiago Calatrava’s spectacular apartment building in the Western Harbour. At 190 metres, Turning Torso is the tallest building in Sweden. The building was inspired by a sculpture “Turning Torso” by Calatrava himself. Turning Torso consists of nine cubes with a total of 54 stories, with a 90° twist from base to top. The top two floors boast the exclusive meeting rooms of Turning Torso Meetings.
  13. Stapelbäddsparken is one of Europe’s largest outdoor skate parks with a surface of 2.000 m2 and is located at Kockums shipyard’s old factory area in the Western Harbour. The old slipway was transformed in 2006 into a modern and important meeting place open to all skateboarding enthusiasts and everyone else too. Here takes the prestigious international skateboarding competitions like The Quicksilver Bowlriders place periodically.
    The park is open 24/7, 365 days a year and it costs nothing to visit or use it. All activity in and around the skate park is operated by Bryggerietwhich is also responsible for the cafe in the park.
  14. Malmö St. Petri Church was founded in the early 1300’s. When the church first mentioned in writing in 1346, it had already been consecrated for worship-service. Tradition says that the high altar was consecrated 1319. The church is dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul.
  15. Stortorget (Big square) The equestrian statue of King Karl X Gustav, who took Skåne from the Danes through the Roskilde Treaty of 1658, stands in the midst of the largest square in Malmö. Stortorget was built in 1536 at the initiative of Jörgen Kock, Malmö’s powerful mayor and master of the mint. Stortorget became Malmö’s new marketplace and was the largest city square in Northern Europe for a very long time. The city well was located in Stortorget, with the site now marked by a bronze water sculpture. Jörgen Kock built a new and stately city hall as well as a home for himself, Kockska huset next to Stortorget.
  16. Max hamburger restaurant started 1968 and is the oldest and most popular hamburger restaurant in Sweden.
  17. Lilla torg (Little Square) Malmö’s most charming square and one of the most popular meeting places in the city was built in 1592 as a market square. There are several interesting buildings dating from the 16th century and later around Lilla Torg. Hedmanska Gården is an enclosed courtyard where the oldest half-timbered house dates from the 16th century and the youngest building, a warehouse, is from the late 19th century and is now home to Form/Design Centre, which mounts exhibitions related to design and architecture. Outdoor concerts are held at Hedmanska Gården in July. From March to October Lilla Torg is filled with outdoor restaurants and cafés and the atmosphere is enchanting.
  18. Kungsparken (Kings Park) was created 1869-1870 and is Malmö’s oldest park. It was built on land that was formerly part of Malmöhus Castle fortification and was designed by the Danish landscape architect Ove Høegh Hansen. When it opened 1872 the park was originally called Slotsparken (Castle Park).
    The park has a romantic character with examples from the continent’s parks. Here you can enjoy leisure walks, beautiful artwork and exotic trees. The heart of the the park is a cast iron fountain built in 1882.
  19. Stadsbiblioteket (Town Library) Sweden’s largest town library, has over 1 million different media, about 1,500 different journals, approximately 10,000 DVD and 33,500 music CDs and was Sweden’s first library to lend video games.
    It’s one of the most intriguing buildings in Malmö situated in Slottsparken. The library consists of two buildings, one older and one newer, that are linked to each other. The new part, which is called the “Calendar of Light” was designed by the notable Danish architect Henning Larsen and opened in 1997. The older section of the library dates from 1899 and was designed by architects John Smedberg and Fredrik Sundbärg.
  20. Slottsparken (Castle Park) This wonderful organic garden is situated just behind Malmöhus Castle adjacent to Kungsparken. Fresh-picked vegetables and flowers and exciting plants are available for purchase – and you may get a bit of wise advice from the head gardener. One of Malmö’s smallest and most charming cafés is also found here. The garden and the café are open year round. Concerts, film evenings and other events are held in the summer.
    A “Dutch Mill” from 1851 – is situated next to Slottsträdgården. The area also features a well-preserved miller’s house and garden. This site is a popular place for outdoor concerts and other summertime events.
  21. Malmöhus Castle was originally a minor citadel whose construction was ordered in 1434 by Erik of Pomerania, king of the Kalmar Union which brought Norway, Sweden and Denmark together under a single monarch.
    In the 16th century King Christian III of Denmark and Norway rebuilt the citadel to create a modern defensive fortress, an imposing castle and the home of the Governors of Malmöhus County.
    This is where Denmark´s money was coined in the Middle Ages, where Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark held wild parties in the 16th century and where prisoners were decapitated in the castle courtyard during the 19th century when the castle served as a prison. Today Malmöhus has been restored in the spirit of the 16th century and forms part of Malmö Museer. The castle is part of Sweden´s cultural heritage and is managed by the National Property Board.
    The castle presents historical exhibitions. By Order of the King is an exhibition about the 17th-century wars over Skåne and how Skåne became Swedish in 1658. Power over People depicts the history of Malmöhus Castle over the past 300 years.

Exam exercise no. 2

The exercise no. 2  in my course was to pick one of 5 photos from The Photo Book, analyse and interpret it, reflect and comment on the compostition, comment and reflect on the image-text and finally explain what I understand with the term punctum. This is a resume of the exam that contained approx. 5.000 characters.

My choice was Goldfish Glass, 1937 by Herbert List.

Location is the Greek island Santorini. The sun is setting behind a glass bowl with a swimming gold fish. According to List, “the fish symbolizes the human spirit trapped in the material world. It cannot escape from that setting into whatever lies beyond, which is represented by light playing on the distant water.”

My interpretation was that even if the photo is from 1937 it can symbolize the modern man. We live in a “bowl”, moving around between family and work. We look out through the “glass”, TV, Internet, Facebook etc, to the rest of the world – “so close but still so far away”.

The term punctum can be explained like a feeling the viewer get from a detail in the photo. The feeling can be a knowledge, memory and/or experience the viewer has about the detail or the photo.

I have been to Santorini a couple of times and punctum for me in this photo was that I remembered the visit to the island in the photo. It was an active volcano with sulfur steam and the smell of rotten egg…

Exam exercise no. 1

Exam exercise no. 1 in the course Photography – visual communication, was to take a photo from a working place or from the home. I chose to take a photo of our kitchen (actually quite a few but I should only send one) . Together with the photo I should attach a description with  about 500 words explaining the choices I made regarding Motif, Message, Content and Form. Things like why I used portrait format instead  of landscape, the meaning of diagonal lines, lightning, composition rules like “repetition and order” etc….

Got the result today and I passed 🙂

Teachers rating: “The picture is smooth and stylish, you use many photographic grip in your photography, good! Your documentation is excellent with feedbacks to the course literature and lessons.”


Window vs. Mirror

On the course I am attending, Photography – visual communication, we learned a concept called window and mirror.

The exercise was to take a window and a mirror version of the same motif :

Window:  observation and no participation. A bridge, a boat and a sea – that’s it…

Uppgift: Illustrera begreppet "windows"

Mirror: more involvement and participation. Added some  composition elements that lead your eye to two men that talk about??? is it the weather, boat or how long and high is the bridge???…

Uppgift: Illustrera begreppet "mirror"


What happened @ summer holiday 2011

It was some time ago we finished the summer holiday 2011. Today, Nine eleven, has the same weather like most of this summer – 19 degrees, sun mixed with heavy showers. Thought I should evaluate the summer holiday 2011.

Before the vacation Mickey and I agreed on some “projects”:

  • Camp Møller
    Visit my colleague Bo & family at their summer residence at Marienlyst.  Beach, minigolf, jogging, good food etc.

  • Game box
    Mickey designed 2 boxes for his video games that we made and cover them with art we created in Photoshop.

    All images

  • Golf
    Pay & Play golf at Hylliekroken Golfcenter. We had the pleasure having our neighbour, Håkan, as golf instructor.
  • Canoe trip
    The plan was to go on a two day canoe trip with overnight camping on an island in Immeln. Since I’m not a hard core camper, I didn’t like to camp in pouring rain. During the actual week, it was not possible to find two days in a row where it didn’t rain. We decided to go on a one day trip instead and we were happy – it didn’t start raining until 14.00. It was a great day anyway, getting close to nature with stop overs on different small islands 🙂

    All photos

  • Minigolf Folkets park
    A fun adventure golf court at Folkets Park in Malmö. 14 holes with themes from different sights in Malmö.
  • Hälsans stig
    Mickey and I spent several hours walking the 9 km “path of health” and took the opportunity of  doing some photo safari at the same time…

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  • Camp Jensen
    A week before the official summer vacation we visited colleague Rune & family who rented a house on Bornholm. A weekend with “walk abouts”, mountain biking, “John Deer gardening”, nice food and drinks…

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Playing with Photoshop

Photoshop is my favourite software. Some play computer games, I play Photoshop. The “dark” side is that once started playing I can use hours trying different things. And soon Photoshop CS5 is released with some really cool features. Just wish I had unlimited time…

Today I gone through some of the Quick tips on “Moderskeppets” website, learning new stuff trying some of them, thanks Moderskeppet for sharing.

On this photo I’ve been trying Gradient Map, Lens Vignette and other adjustment layers.
This is Nicolai…


Skiing is one of the best thing I know. Unfortunatly I only manage to have one week a year in the white stuff the last couple of years.

The other weekend I looked through our photo archive and found some nice photos that I scanned and created a little web album and here is the story behind some of the photos:

In the late 80’s I spent more hours on the slopes. Two years as a ski bum in Ischgl, Austria and the winter season 1987/’88 Vibe and I spent in Meribel, Les Trois Vallées, France that bills itself as one of  the largest ski able areas in the world.

It is a massive interconnected ski region, consisting of three main resorts and eight villages in three valleys:
Vallée de Courchevel – Courchevel 1,300, 1,550, 1,650 and 1,850 meters.
Vallée de Méribel – Méribel, Mottaret are in the middle of Les Trois Vallées and provides the most convenient access to the area.
Vallée des Belleville – Les Menuires, Val Thorens that is the highest village in Les Trois Vallées (2,300m) and the highest ski resort in Europe.

On our tour around the world in 1989-1991, we visited Treble Cone, Wanaka, New Zealand. Treble Cone ski area is located in the Matukituki Valley, 28 km west of Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island. Driving time is about 30 minutes from Wanaka and 100 minutes from Queenstown, a major tourist resort.

The skiarea faces northeast, giving the field protection from cold southerly winds and providing lots of sunshine.

Treble Cone offers the largest lift-served vertical drop on the South Island and is voted having one of the best views in the world.

See all the images ::>