Welcome to a short introduction to the art of Bodypainting.

Draw a rough design with a soft eye-liner…
The paint is watersolvable and not harmful to the skin.
It can make the skin dry so I recomend to use a skinlotion first.
Paint with a fat “theater-makeup”, using brushes, sponges or other soft “tools”. Air-brush is also an option.
body3 Common questions asked behind my back:

  • Can the skin breathe under the paint?
  • Does the paint dry completely or does it smear?
    It smears but one can spray over the design with a special varnish so it smears less.
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    There are different kinds on the market, I used a brand called Kryolan.
  • How long does it take to paint?
    A design like these on this page, takes about 3 hours to paint.
  • How does the paint come off?
    3 minutes under the shower with water and soap (sorry, no photos…)
Thanks for the attention

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