The e-commerce platform

After some serious research and some good recommendations from friends and colleagues, thanks for that, I ended up selecting oscommerce as platform for (closed).

A major reason for using oscommerce is that it’s the platform for (closed) and looking through the check list from the last post:

  • User friendly front end and back end – prefer to see most of the information on one page instead of many, like tabs. Check
  • Newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe – WYSIWYG newsletter designer, overview of subscribers Check
  • Swedish and Danish language pack Check
  • Swedish and Danish currency Check
  • Payment gateway to Swedish to hosts like wannafind, payer (se), epay, payson etc. On the To Do list
  • Easy to design in CSS files, template files or HTML files Easy? but possible
  • Easy to create extra information pages with WYSIWYG editing Check
  • Product description with WYSIWYG editor Check
  • Easy cross sell feature Check
  • Free templates for download and easy installation Haven’t investigated this yet
  • More than one image on the description Check
  • Lightbox display of images – fast, neat and editable Lightbox installed but only working on some pages
  • Who’s online feature – real time view of who is visiting, are they registered customer, what they buy, where they come from etc. Check
  • For the future a Live help feature There is possibility for this

The oscommerce is maybe the e-commerce platform that started it all. Now days there are a few different versions built on oscommerce:

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