QTR – A year after surgery

A year ago, 21 December 2018, I went through a surgery for a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture – QTR.

You can read more about the rehab process in previous posts.

I started inlines practice in May. Done some long tours and participated in Berlin Inline Marathon in September. Running is still a little bit of a challenge but #gettingthere.

My nice physiotherapist, Kasper at Virum Fys, have suggested some exercises that I’ve done several times a week. His last advice was to keep on with the rehab training don’t stop just because you stop at the phys, apparently a common situation… 

Twice everyday I have massaged the scar with different remedies – 98% Aloe Gel, Locobase Repair cream, Aloe Vera Rub or Blue Hors Hot & Cool. The goal was that the scar should be gone after a year, nearly there:

Last week I was skiing in Davos, Switzerland, both on and off the piste. Have to admit, I was a bit nervous at times, how should this work out but it turned out well. The knee got some TLC in the evening and was happy 🙂 


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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