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QTR – A year after surgery

A year ago, 21 December 2018, I went through a surgery for a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture – QTR.

You can read more about the rehab process in previous posts.

I started inlines practice in May. Done some long tours and participated in Berlin Inline Marathon in September. Running is still a little bit of a challenge but #gettingthere.

My nice physiotherapist, Kasper at Virum Fys, have suggested some exercises that I’ve done several times a week. His last advice was to keep on with the rehab training don’t stop just because you stop at the phys, apparently a common situation… 

Twice everyday I have massaged the scar with different remedies – 98% Aloe Gel, Locobase Repair cream, Aloe Vera Rub or Blue Hors Hot & Cool. The goal was that the scar should be gone after a year, nearly there:

Last week I was skiing in Davos, Switzerland, both on and off the piste. Have to admit, I was a bit nervous at times, how should this work out but it turned out well. The knee got some TLC in the evening and was happy 🙂 


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

QTR – Check up

The 30 August I had a check up for a “disability certificate”, to the insurance company.  

Made a visit to Malmö Hospital where the ortoped examined the knee, measured ROM – range of motion and muscle loss.
Range of motion (normal 0/140): Right: 0/120 | Left: 0/140
Thigh: (circumference 10 cm over the knee cap): Right: 42,5 cm | Left: 46 cm
Knee cap: Right: 41 cm | Left: 39 cm

Conclusion: It looks good, little less power and ROM in the knee and leg but keep on with the rehab…

QTR Rehab

It’s been 18 weeks since I had the surgery for Quadriceps Tendon Rupture. 

27 March i started rehab training at Virum Physiotherapy, Kasper.
Mads, phys. at work, still helps me with stretching and ROM (Range of Motion). 

The program is to do a selection of the exercises below for 45 – 60 min. every second day and ROM every day.

Squats: 3 x 15
Alternative 1: Using elastic band around the knees
Alternative 2: Using weights

Lunges: 3 x 20 (10 on each leg) 
Alternative 1: Using weights
Alternative 2 : Using a Bosu

One leg balance on BOSU: 

Side lying clams: 3 x 15 on each side

Sideway steps: 3 x 20 steps

TRX Lean back squat: 3 x 15

Side leg raises: 3 x 15 on each leg

Straight leg raises: 3 x 15 on each leg

Prone straight leg raises: 3 x 15 on each leg

Hip lift: 3 x 15 on each leg. 
Alternative 1: Press the foot on the floor against the wall. Hold position 10-15 sek. Rest the same time.
Alternativ 2: Place the foot on the floor on a ball.
Alternative 3: Use a fitness ball 

Wall squats: 3 x 45 sec. increase time if possible 

Press ball against wall: Put the heel against the wall. Place a soft ball or a small pillow in the hollow of the knee, press 3-5 sec. relax. 3 x 15 on each leg

Lunges with soft ball: Press the ball against the wall when doing the  lunges.3 x 15 on each leg

Bike: Warm up 5 min.

Leg extension: Use one leg at a time. 3 x 15 on each leg

Leg press: 3 x 15




Quadriceps Tendon Rupture – Recovery phase 5

Today, 19 March, I visited the doctor and phys to get rid of my knee brace

Been wearing it for exactly three months after I stumbled on a stairway and ruptured my right quadriceps tendon

The knee looks nice and the scar has healed very well and is hardly visible at all. Nice job Jesper the surgeon and with some post surgery healing help from Locobase Repair, Aloe vera 98% and coconut oil

Still some swelling and scar tissue that needs to be treated.

The phys approved the exercises I have done so far and added one for ROM (Range of Motion) to the series: 
Stand next to a chair. Place the foot on the injured knee on the chair. Move the knee forward. Hold for a few seconds, relax. Repeat 20 times, 2 sets.

Two products are added to the remedy list, Hot & Cool massage creme (for horses).

and Serrapeptese,  “an unusual enzyme comes from Serratia, a bioactive group of bacteria that live inside silkworms. Serratia are essential to the silkworm’s survival. After it weaves a silk cocoon and begins transforming into a moth, it releases Serratia bacteria from its gut. The Serratia produce serrapeptase, an enzyme that eats through protein. The serrapeptase dissolves the silk cocoon, opening it up for the silkmoth to emerge.” [[Source]

Both to help removing scar tissue in the knee and leg.

Next step – finding a physiotherapist to start some serious rehab…

Take care everybody out there, where ever you are 🙂

Quadriceps Tendon Rupture – Recovery phase 4

Last Thursday, 7 March, the knee brace was adjusted to 90 degrees and I manage to move the leg to 75 degrees directly after, iiha!

I recently came across this video that explains clearly what QTR is, how it happens and how it’s repaired (surgery). 

During the weekend I tried a Chinese “magic” plaster I got from a Chinese colleague, thanks Kevin :-).
The plaster contains some sort of concentrated Tiger balm, that’s what it smells like anyway. The first couple of minutes it creates a kind of burning sensation. It suppose to help against swelling and pain. I am not sure it made much difference but it was an interesting experience trying – “What doesn’t hurt you makes you stronger“.

Monday I visited our “local” physiotherapist at work, Mads, (Frb. Osteopati),

He created this fantastic piece of Kinesio tape art work.

The tape is put on while the knee is bent and the tape is stretched. When straiten the leg, the thin strips lift up the the skin and that should help the blood and fluid in the knee and leg to circulate easier and that should reduce the swelling. It looks cool anyway, thanks Mads 🙂

The golf ball, used for “foot massage”, has been swapped with a “spikey” ball. 

“Foot-valve-massage” is really good, it stimulates the many trigger points and help removing “waste” under the foot.


Take care out there…

Quadriceps Tendon Rupture – Recovery phase 2

Wednesday 6 February it was check up time and removing band-aid…

and adjusting the knee brace so I can “bend” the knee 30 degrees the next 2 weeks.


The doctor recommended against travelling by flight at least for the next month, that means no trip to Cyprus 🙁

The insurance company also told me that the insurance don’t cover if something should happen with the knee on a journey the next three months.

After the visit at the doctor, I got a first appointment with a physiotherapist. She said it was a mistake that wasn’t any after the surgery. Probably coz of Christmas time…
She approved the exercises I found on the internet and gave me two new ones:

Sit on e.g. a chair, stretch leg 5 sec. – relax with bent knee in 5 sec. 

Similar but opposite – Sit with leg stretched out on the sofa – bend knee 5 sec. – relax with stretched leg 5 sec. 
15 times, 3 set. each.

Switched the ice pack ice therapy to heat therapy. Put the bag in a bowl with boiling water, after a few minutes it’s ready to use. Put it on the knee, nice and soothing…

Quadriceps Tendon Rupture – Recovery phase 1

Tuesday 8 January I visited Doctor Anna at Malmö Hospital, surgery dept., to remove the stitches. (forgot to take the “after” picture”)


Doctor Anna told me it looked fine and explained in detail what happened in the knee and Quadriceps Tendon Rupture is quite a rare injury but when it happens it’s quite common that it happens when the body-and-mind is not prepared for an extreme sudden “trauma contraction”, like walking down a stair, stepping out of a car or bus, tripping on the sidewalk, slipping on ice etc.

The next 4 weeks I keep the knee brace on all the time with 0 degrees angle and the recovery phase can begin.

Exercises to improve the healing:

Ankle pumps
2-3 minutes several times a day
Straight Leg Raises
Tighten your thigh muscle with your knee fully straightened. Lift your leg. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Slowly lower.
Repeat until the thigh feels fatigued.
Quadriceps Sets
Straighten the knee, tighten thigh muscle. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds.
Repeat this exercise approximately 10 times during a two-minute period, rest one minute, and then repeat.
Continue until your thigh feels fatigued.

Other things that I do to help the body recover are:

  • Ice pack to reduce swelling – 10-20 min. 2-3 times a day with leg elevated
  • Foot roll with a golf ball
  • Walkabouts in the hood
  • Spike mat – improve blood circulation and stimulate the nerves in the spine and the rest of the body

What to eat and drink that to improve the healing:

Calories – the body need more calories to create new tissue to repair the tendons, muscles and bones

Protein – the building bricks of the body. After an injury the body use more protein than it creates. If you don’t get enough protein could mean the muscles breaks down instead of rebuilding. Get enough protein at every meal.

Omega 3 – an important fat acid for heart and joints. Contain anti inflammatory properties that hurry up the healing process.

Vitamin D – key player in rebuilding the bone structure and tissue.

Quercetin – a potent antioxidant to reduce the number of inflammatory markers.

Tumeric – powerful anti-inflammatory effects and a very strong antioxidant.

Fresh lemon juice – powerful antibacterial properties, lemon juice helps fight infections

What to avoid:

Deep fried snacks
Sugar and sugary carbs

Runners world

Quadriceps Tendon Rupture

Tuesday 18 December, 6 days before Christmas, I got a Christmas gift that was not on my wish list – a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture.

I do and done many different kind of activities, inlines, running, skiing, badminton, functional fitness training, floorball etc. where there are many opportunities to hurt myself. When does this quadriceps tendon rupture happens? On the way to lunch, walking down a stairway. Something in the knee snapped when I lost the balance a little bit, took a step and landed on the right foot, apparently with a wrong angle on the knee. The knee just bent and the leg disappeared under me, felt like a extreme cramp in the leg. Thanks to a colleague who grabbed me and I got hold on the rail, preventing me from falling down the rest of the stairs and maybe hurt me even more…

After lunch I decided to visit the emergency at Gentofte hospital. The orthopedist concluded teared tendon after just pressing above the knee, thanks but can that be right…?? Back to work. No pain, strange… Waited until there were no more traffic and drove home… (don’t tell anyone)


Wednesday: Visited Malmö Emergency early, little waiting time. Met with Ali, orthopedist, who also conclude there was a tear but was not sure how many % damaged. Let’s do some X-ray. After X-ray, Ali was still not sure on how much was destroyed. Let’s do some MR-scanning. No time to today, we have to wait until tomorrow, until then you have to use this knee brace.

Thursday: MR- scanning. Lay absolutely still in 15 minutes listening to Aretha Franklin in the head phones.

Back to Ali, the orthopedist, that now know the amount of tear and decided on surgery. No time today, come back tomorrow. Let’s do some tests, EKG, blood pressure and samples etc. A thorough description of the pre surgery procedure incl. how to shower.

Friday: Special shower procedure. Surgery. Very friendly staff introduced me to what is going to happened, incl. Jesper the surgeon. I got a fancy dress, a bed and some needles in the top of my hand – “food” and anesthetic. A few breaths in a mask and I was gone.

A kind of “out of body” experience waking up, feeling little drunk. Nurse 1: “Do yo like a cup of tea or coffee?” Me: “Do you have cream?”. Nurse 1: “No, sorry”. Nurse 2: “Yes, I bring my own to work, I am on a Keto diet, so you can have some of that.”
Me: “Thanks a lot! I also bring my own cream to work.”

After recovery I was told to take a cab home after getting the pain killers. Challenge on a late Friday afternoon before Christmas – no cabs! Happiness is post surgery on pain killers taking public transport 😛

Next steps: Return to hospital after two weeks to remove the stitches. Keep the knee brace for another 6 weeks. Then rehab for x amount of time…

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Happy New Year!!!