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Images – Project 2014

The 2014 project is to work with images in different medias:

  • photography
  • sort, scan and digitizing old and new photos
  • play and learn more Photoshop
  • take up drawing and painting again…


Demon Builder
Street art – London by Nathan Bowen

Pen on paper designs

Another trip down memory lane. During the 80’s I had a small screen printing and graphic art studio. It was in the age before the computer. Frequent use of Letraset, repro camera and Xerox copy machine… 

Here is a gallery of some of the designs, a mix of T-shirt painting , posters, screen print designs etc:

Hyper Realistic Art

When I used to paint I used acrylic paint and brush or water color and pencils. I use photos as reference and like to be as realistic as possible and sometimes exaggerate details.

On Moderskeppets blogg I just red about Bert Monroy who take it to the extreme using Photoshop and Illustrator to make Hyper Realistic Art. Bert also share his knowledge on Revision

His latest project is a “painting” of Times Square, NYC.


Finally the collection of my acrylic paintings is on line.

Most of the paintings are made from photos from our round the world trip 1989-1990. A few are made as orders. For instance a friend or customer showed me an image and asked if I could paint that on canvas or hardboard.

The genre could be called realism. I thought it was called magic realism but I learned that that genre refers to realistic paintings with one or more magic details in the picture.

After a few years in the basement collecting dust, some of them has been moved up to a wall in the living room.

Acrylic paintings on the wall


Back in the 80’s,  I had a little studio in a basement in the small Swedish town Falkenberg. The studio that was called Noggin*, had a silk printing set where I printed T-shirts and sweatshirts. There was also a large drafts table where I draw print designs and did some airbrush paintings.

For a couple of years I created a christmas card that I sent to customers and friends. In -87 I made some postcards that Vibe and I brought with us (togehter with a ski box full of sweatshirts) to the Three Vallées in France, where we spent a skiseason. We sold the sweatshirts and postcards at the After Ski pubs – good times. 🙂

On the original size painting of this post card, the tools are in scale 1:1…
Drawing tools
See my airbrush paintings ::>

See Airbrushing videos on Youtube.

*Noggin means head and Noggin the Nog was the name of a British childrens character – a viking. I got Noggin as nickname from some english friends I had back in the 80’s. The pacifier was a kind of “logo” I used…