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25 years intranet history at NNE

Today, Wednesday 19 January, I was invited by Mads at the Danish intranet network Intra2, to tell the story about 25 years of intranet at NNE. 

It has been an interesting and fun experience to dig deep into the archives to find material to the presentation.

This is the overview of the different frontpages throughout the years:

I started at NNE, in the Visualization department in 1997, as web designer working with the intranet. Back then we used the tool Microsoft Frontpage and worked directly in production – publish content and it was live. If something went wrong – try again… limited amount of testing and documentation 😉 

Since then ways of working, tools, software, design, content and functionalities has changed but many of the challenges are about the same. This slide is from 2002:

NNE Intranet challenges 2002

  • Information Management – Structuring unstructured data
  • Search engine
  • Personalization e.g. the role and job function of the employee
  • Integration with Oracle and Documentum (in 2022 it’s other applications)
  • Choice of Content Management System
  • Web statistics/analytics
  • Language choice – Danish or English

This is what was on the wish list in 2009 and it’s about the same 2022:

  • Access from the mobile phone
  • Virtual workrooms
  • Integration with social media applications
  • Web analytics
  • A great search engine

Many thanks to my former colleagues whom I worked with in the NNE web team, Carina and Rune, for the great input at the meeting.