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What happened @ summer holiday 2011

It was some time ago we finished the summer holiday 2011. Today, Nine eleven, has the same weather like most of this summer – 19 degrees, sun mixed with heavy showers. Thought I should evaluate the summer holiday 2011.

Before the vacation Mickey and I agreed on some “projects”:

  • Camp Møller
    Visit my colleague Bo & family at their summer residence at Marienlyst.  Beach, minigolf, jogging, good food etc.

  • Game box
    Mickey designed 2 boxes for his video games that we made and cover them with art we created in Photoshop.

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  • Golf
    Pay & Play golf at Hylliekroken Golfcenter. We had the pleasure having our neighbour, Håkan, as golf instructor.
  • Canoe trip
    The plan was to go on a two day canoe trip with overnight camping on an island in Immeln. Since I’m not a hard core camper, I didn’t like to camp in pouring rain. During the actual week, it was not possible to find two days in a row where it didn’t rain. We decided to go on a one day trip instead and we were happy – it didn’t start raining until 14.00. It was a great day anyway, getting close to nature with stop overs on different small islands 🙂

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  • Minigolf Folkets park
    A fun adventure golf court at Folkets Park in Malmö. 14 holes with themes from different sights in Malmö.
  • Hälsans stig
    Mickey and I spent several hours walking the 9 km “path of health” and took the opportunity of  doing some photo safari at the same time…

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  • Camp Jensen
    A week before the official summer vacation we visited colleague Rune & family who rented a house on Bornholm. A weekend with “walk abouts”, mountain biking, “John Deer gardening”, nice food and drinks…

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