The risk

Living on one side of a lot of water and working on the other and the only connection is a bridge + tunnel there is always a risk being stuck on one or the other side. If it’s good or bad getting stuck probably depends on the circumstances. Yesterday (Wednesday 18/11) me and my fellow carpool friends got stuck on the Danish side due to a truck that apparently was affected by the strong wind and blocked the road around 16.30. After some time walking around Fields shopping centre we decided to drive to a Metro station and take public transport over to the other side of the sound. The bridge opened again for the car traffic around 21.00. I arrived home 21.30 with public transport…

In the 3 years we have been living in Malmö this was the third time I was stuck in Denmark but this was the first time it took such a long time for it to open again.

Of course there is a risk driving over a bridge and under a long tunnel everyday but I guess there is a risk just being…


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