Camp Bridge 2010

The 11 of January I started my training for the ½ marathon over the Öresund bridge. It started with  an “agreement” with our neighbor over a glass of wine some time  in the autumn 2009. During the long winter I have followed a program i got from, some Swedish guys that used to give advice on how to train.

During the training period I suffered from aching ankles and one of my coaches meant it could be a combination with “little” bit overweight and running on ice, snow and other difficult “street texture”. The feet and ankles have to compensate for the “insecure” foundation with some micro movements. Instead of  running I did some cycling and rollerskating instead.

The training was much about time and intensity. To find out the intensity for 80% intensity: 0,80 x (max pulse – rest pulse) + rest pulse.

The training started with 45 minutes jog with 70% intensity (for me at the time: 0.7 x (195-80) + 80 = 160 bpm) for the first 3 weeks. Then 60 min. for 2 weeks.

Phase 2 was 80% intensity 2 times a week and 1 time rush training. During the process I was recommended to  try a competition week that included a ½ marathon, just to get the feeling of  how long 21 km really is.

The last 5 weeks I have been using a program from called “formtoppa” that I found more alternate (sorry, but can’t find the link to “formtoppa” anymore).

22 weeks later, that means Saturday June 12, the big day arrived and we, x colleague Søren, neighbor Catrine and Håkan and I took the bus to Kastrup, Denmark. It started to piss down and I got the feeling that if this continue it is not going to be fun. Just as fast the rain came, just as fast came the sun and everything was fine again.

The waiting time was a bit long at Kastrup Beach park and then we walked a few kilometers before the actual start line. The first experience was the planes just flying over us, “waving” with their wings, at least thats was we thought. Next we entered the tunnel and was VERY warm but the “sound waves” was great. On the bridge we had lots of sun, great view and lots of tail wind – a fantastic experience. After reaching land again, people had gathered to cheer and at some places along the way there was music. After 21,1 km I was VERY happy to see the finish line. Was feeling a bit dizzy after passing the line and it was very crowded to get to the water depoes , get a medal and something to eat. Then I had to find the luggage that had been put on a lorry in Denmark.

We finished of in style with a great (and late) after run dinner at Casa Swedanes. Thank to all the participants for making this a day to remember.

The “Brolöp” was unique in different ways. It is the only race that pass both under and over water and that start in one country and finish in another.

My time?  2 hours 11 minutes.

cool slide show from the finish line, made by Sydsvenskan.
Swedish blog that describe the day quite well, made by Linda Andersson.

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