Kräftskiva 2012 (Cray fish party)

At Camp Møller 27 July, Marielyst. 11 pax.

Waiting to get started...

We started with a ” Tipspromenad” (got it from


The cray fish buffet.

Kräftskiva buffet 2012.

From the left, in the front:

  • Thin bread (tunnbröd) rolls with cream cheese/cilantro spread, salad and smoked salmon. Recipe (in Swedish)
  • Prawn and mango salad with bulgur. Recpie (in Swedish)
  • 6 kg of cray fish. Defrost slowly in its own liqour. We all prefered the Chinese Jumbo from ICA to Kräftkungen, also ICA.

In the back:

  • Home made Aioli and mayo
  • Tomato sallad with mozzarella
  • Fennel and yellow pepper julienne
  • “Västerbotten ost”
  • Västerbotten cheese pie (ostpaj). Recipe (in Swedish) (We used mushrooms insted of chanterelle)
  • Cray fish tails
  • Home made bread.

Served with cold beer, white wine and snaps.

Special “snaps bibs”.

Download a PDF version of the bib

See you next year 🙂

Camp Møller 2012 & Kräftskiva at Marielyst


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