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Header images

This theme Panorama make it possible to change the images in the top of the page in an easy way.

I found a number of photos in our photo library and after some Photoshop treatment I uploaded them.  They are  displayed in a random order.

Theme III

The today’s theme is called Panorama. I like this one and I think I stick to it for a while. It has a clean design, it’s quite easy to edit, the plugins work and Panorama is a good name 😉
What do you think?

To change font style, size, color etc. you do that in a stylesheet in the wordpress editor. Here you also can edit other parts/pages of the site. It’s a good thing to know a little about html and/or php if you like to start editing:
Edit Theme
I have removed a search box, changed headings, link color and some other small things…

Next step is to change the panorama images at the top to some of our own images.

Theme Panorama

Themes II

It is not easy to find a Theme that fullfill my different criterias. I like it to be “clean” and simple – “k.i.s.s.” There is even a theme with the name k.i.s but I can’t make it work properly with some of the plugins I’ve installed and I couldn’t adjust the design the way I like. Impatient -> next theme…

The theme of today is called Grey Matter and looks ok with some nice features. Just find it a little bit difficult to change the design. Maybe I just have to try harder 😉

A theme I like is Flashy. It’s not so “clean” and simple but I think it’s fun. I had problems with the images on this one…

Getting late so I keep looking later on. Let me know what you like from your side of the screen

Grey Matter


In WordPress the “look n’ feel” is called Themes. There are 1.000+ different designs to choose from. Most of them can be altered in the code, the style sheet and plugins.

The challenge is to find one you like and that it works in different browsers. For instance I can’t get the navigation tabs to work in This Just In! in Internet Explorer 6 and 7.  In other themes the so called lightbox doesn’t work proparly, and so on.

I like to have a “clean” design that works so I guess I have to keep looking. Don’t be surprised if the design keep on changing…

Screen dump of This Just In!

Links & Stats

I have edited the so called Blogroll to the right.

The Blog Links are the blogs listed in my reader and WordPress Links are some of the standard links WordPress provide as default. If you have any good and interesting blogs about webdesign, photoshop, photography etc. don’t hesitate to send me a link.

To find out if there is anyone that visits this site, I have installed a Stats plugin. It is very easy to install and use.

I have noticed that this site doesn’t work so good in IE 6. Sorry for that but I suggest you try another browser or I try to find another Theme 😉

The Swedane Adventure

The Swedane AdventureThis attempt to create a new version of and a blog has now reached the point that I like to do the rest of the process “in public”.

Why English? It’s a great opportunity for me to practice writing in English. Since some of my friends are from foreign countries where Swedish and Danish haven’t become the mother tongue yet.

The has become a WordPress site. WordPress is a versatile blog tool and can be used to many different things. It’s rather easy to use, has a lot of themes and plugins to choose from. Themes are the design and plugins is extra functionalities.

The theme I use at the moment is “This Just in!” It’s supposed to be a good photo blog and that suits me fine since that is the plan – to use it for our photos and the art work I have produced through the ages. Hopefully I find time soon to get a grip of the pencils and brushes to start painting again…

So far I have done some minor changes to the theme. Auto create navigation tabs for new pages and added a lightbox plugin. Lightbox is the way images are displayed when you click on them.

Next plans are to add “all” the art work in same size and good quality. Add some photo albums, either on Picasa or Cincopa. To change all the header images…

You are more than welcome to give with feedback and suggestions…CU