The Swedane Adventure

The Swedane AdventureThis attempt to create a new version of and a blog has now reached the point that I like to do the rest of the process “in public”.

Why English? It’s a great opportunity for me to practice writing in English. Since some of my friends are from foreign countries where Swedish and Danish haven’t become the mother tongue yet.

The has become a WordPress site. WordPress is a versitile blog tool and can be used to many different things. It’s rather easy to use, has a lot of themes and plugins to choose from. Themes are the design and plugins is extra functionalities.

The theme I use at the moment is “This Just in!” It’s supposed to be a good photo blog and that suits me fine since that is the plan – to use it for our photos and the art work I have produced through the ages. Hopefully I find time soon to get a grip of the pencils and brushes to start painting again…

So far I have done some minor changes to the theme. Auto create navigation tabs for new pages and added a lightbox plugin. Lightbox is the way images are displayed when you click on them.

Next plans are to add “all” the art work in same size and good quality. Add some photo albums, either on Picasa or Cincopa. To change all the header images…

You are more than welcome to give with feedback and suggestions…CU

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