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Back in the 80’s,  I had a little studio in a basement in the small Swedish town Falkenberg. The studio that was called Noggin*, had a silk printing set where I printed T-shirts and sweatshirts. There was also a large drafts table where I draw print designs and did some airbrush paintings.

For a couple of years I created a christmas card that I sent to customers and friends. In -87 I made some postcards that Vibe and I brought with us (togehter with a ski box full of sweatshirts) to the Three Vallées in France, where we spent a skiseason. We sold the sweatshirts and postcards at the After Ski pubs – good times. 🙂

On the original size painting of this post card, the tools are in scale 1:1…
Drawing tools
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*Noggin means head and Noggin the Nog was the name of a British childrens character – a viking. I got Noggin as nickname from some english friends I had back in the 80’s. The pacifier was a kind of “logo” I used…